Thursday, March 24, 2016

CUSHION-3 "three cushioning" the wearer to provide excellent cushioning experience

Into the New Year 2015, Tony Parker and his team on the road defending champion of the NBA season. Large area of ​​red glaze and gold to create surround TPU Parker II "Kai Tai Ram" special edition not only Parker brilliant career perfect interpretation, but also expressed Parker in 2015 to successfully defend the good wishes. Parker Tony Parker to reveal the second generation of the ultimate cheap jordans for sale pursuit of speed and design in shaping the ultimate fit leg while with the Olympic exclusive focus on creating "gradient dual-energy technology", to create superior cushioning and accelerate experience.
Three Generations of lightning
Lightning three generations "Ram Kaitai" Special Edition using the "Rounds" glaze design, reflecting not only the lightning three generations of basketball fans in the eyes of the popularity of high-wang, but also a symbol of the New Year's smooth sailing, have been rising. Lightning three generations have integrated within the boots, the whole body of the shoe using a full melt processing techniques, cheap oakley sunglasses carrying the Olympic visualization core science and technology --CUSHION-3 "three cushioning" the wearer to provide excellent cushioning experience.
Hurricane Three Generations
The overall tone of red, white and mainly to Ugyen glaze black, gold embellishment, hurricane three generations "Ram Kaitai" Special Edition on visual performance in a more sedate manner presented, on the one hand fit the hurricane three generations "style stereo system protection, "the product attribute, discount louis vuitton handbags but also full of the Year of the Goat the smooth and smooth good wishes.
As a born in 1996, two decades rave classic basketball shoes, E6371A today still continue to use the "factory settings" name - "E" represents that era was leading EVA midsole " a "is the Olympic basketball series product serial number," 6371 "indicates that this pair of shoes is the third quarter of 1996 produced paragraph 71 basketball shoes. Two decades, basketball shoes in the world, from the exterior to science google and technology, all undergoing rapid changes, but still E6371A basketball fans favorite, it has become the epitome of a symbol of an era, a method belonging basketball memory. The "Ram Kaitai" special planning deliberately E6371A included in, Ugyen glaze in the black gold as the main color, indicating that the test after years of enduring classic status, while the outside of the tongue to add a distinct " Cheung (Ram) "totem, passing Ram Chinese New Year auspicious meaning, very memorable.

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